Textbook for Comprehensive and School Recommendation Type Selection

Textbook for Comprehensive and School Recommendation Type Selection




発売日: 2021年12月6日


Tatsuhiko Kosugi

This book was written to serve as an introduction for students who are considering taking the Comprehensive Selection and School Recommendation Selection (AO Recommendation Entrance Examination).

The three main features are as follows
・The book provides a systematic overview of the whole process of entrance exam preparation.
・Incorporates the unique know-how of a school specializing in AO entrance examinations
・Corresponds to the latest trends such as online interviews.

It consists of the following four parts.
Part 1: Preparation for the entrance exam.
Part 2: Application Documents.
Part 3: Written examinations and essay writing.
Part 4: Interviews and presentations.

This textbook is designed to provide a systematic understanding of AO recommendation entrance examinations and their countermeasures by reading in order from Part 1.
However, if you don’t have enough time, you can read from the part you are interested in.

I hope this book will be of help to students who are about to take the university entrance exam.


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